Our Story


I remember hearing tunes in the mid 1950's from an old admiral bakelite radio in our kitchen window on St Vincent Street.

During the summer months the family took drives to the country.(Lilbourn MO). We were visiting our grandparents.In the back seat of the car my brother and I sang along with the radio.The Do wop tunes were big, so was Elvis, Chuck Berry and the Everly Brothers. By the time I turned 13 I was interested in guitar. I took lessons at the Lester Family Studio on 39th Street. In 1965 my brother Roy Hessling and Bill Lynch started a band called the Reeb-Toors. My brother wanted me to sing harmony. I wanted to play guitar, but since the lead & rhythm guitar positions were taken. I learned to play bass, after the original bass player quit.

Later in college I took courses in music theory, class piano and played coronet in band.I have a B.S. degree from the School of Education of S.I.U.E. In the late 70's and early 80's I worked as a recreational therapist. Music was always a part of my therapy program.  

I feel blessed to have worked with some of the best singers and musicians in St Louis. Greg Guidry, Sandy Guidry and Mike McDonald who sang in the Reeb-Toors and the Youngers Brothers went on to make records.

These days I'm playing guitar with Bill and most of the settings are small and intimate. I love it! If you come out to see us stop by and say Hello. I'm the guy with the beard.

P.S. As of Nov 2016 I am now playing bass in the Mid South Revival band - Steve Davis Memories of Elvis.


Bill Lynch

When I first saw the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan show I was completely blown away, and from that moment on, I knew I wanted to play music.I got my first guitar a few weeks later. About a year and a half later, I played my first job with The Reeb-Toors (that’s right Root-Beer spelled backwards). We played for a couple of years and when our girl singer quit, Michael McDonald joined our band and we changed the name to The Younger Brothers. Michael went on to bigger and better, as we all know. A few years later, the band landed a job on the fourth deck of The Admiral that lasted for six seasons. After The Younger Brothers played their last job, I joined Collection which eventually became The King Of Hearts. I left The King of Hearts and joined Ron Furr’s (A Touch of Elvis) band. We were the house band in his South County night club R.T. Furr’s. We played there for seven years, then after the bar closed we continued to play it the St. Louis area. 

The Younger Brothers performed a benefit reunion show at The Casa Loma and then stayed together for about ten years. During that time, we also played as an acoustic/unplugged version simply called Bill, Roy & Roger. 

I now play regularly with Steve Davis’ (Memories of Elvis) back-up band and the Roger and Bill duo.